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Friday, February 24, 2017

Business World With Best and latest Technology In India

Business With Technology In INDIA  

Now, here I will update you about our India Business Technology by this blog site. Me and my team will work about gain more better and update knowledge about our India business world with technology updates. How we can do better and easy all business task & activities with use latest technology.


India is possibly one of the biggest markets for businesses with technology.
The foreign companies coming to India need to understand the Understand Business World and technology updates  and regulatory issues, It happens only in India.

Best example for Business with Technology:-

Air, water, Google, toothpaste, email, WhatsApp , food, Facebook….

The list goes on. In a certain moment of introspection I got thinking about how much technology has penetrated our lives. Ubiquitous like air, lifesaving like water, technology has changed more human lives than the sum total of promises of all the politicians the world over. From education to disaster management, from cinemas to hospitals, technology is one thread that facilitates it all today.

Need for Technology trends in India Business:-

Ever-evolving and adaptive technology is driving and transforming business every day. Businesses that want to thrive are in a constant race to adapt and take advantage of these technologies while they’re still relevant and useful, or otherwise these businesses eventually will fall by the wayside.

 Basic Benefit :-

     Security becomes nonnegotiable:-

No business leaves its doors unlocked at night, but the dirty little secret is that most businesses and their cloud service providers have been playing loose and fast with digital security.


Communications gets embedded:-

Along with easy, embedded payments, communications are embedded directly into apps and web sites. While currently Skype, facebook and WhatsApp are the darlings for talk, chat, video and file sharing, they still require users to open a dedicated app. Real-time communications (RTC) and the emerging embeddable communications standard, WebRTC, are changing that.

Connected devices bring real-time updates:-

Inventory that self-reports when it is low. Field equipment that signals when something is wrong. Trucks that self-track. Products that notify a company when a refill is needed or a malfunction may occur.

Wearables reach employees:-

With self-reporting devices comes business velocity, and the wearables trend makes it easy for employees to interact with real-time data from connected devices throughout the course of a day.

The cloud envelops everything:-

Nearly every business uses the cloud for all or some of its business software. Roughly 93 percent to be exact. The cloud enables connectivity with other systems and reduced maintenance and mobility among other benefits.

3D Printing:-

You’re probably thinking, “Of course 3D printing will affect the enterprise; that’s where it started.”

IoT in the Enterprise:-

Whether it’s smart lights, smart thermostats or connected security cameras, the Internet of Things has produced a broad range of consumer-facing technologies.

Wireless Conference Rooms:-

Any respectable company will have multiple meeting spaces where it can bring teams together to discuss strategy and progress.

Now, meeting rooms are following Internet connectivity into the wireless era. Most users have seen simple consumer solutions, such as Apple’s Airplay or Google’s Chromecast. But large companies need more robust solutions.

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