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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Top 10 hidden WhatsApp features you didn't know existed 2017

Top 10 hidden WhatsApp features 2017

Here is a list of tips and tricks that you may not have known exist.

Bold, italics, strike-through

To bold, simply add (*) to the beginning and end of the word. Similarly, you can italicise by adding (_) to the beginning and the end and strike a word by adding (~).

Change an unsuspecting friend’s profile picture to a monkey


Go to contacts and copy your friend’s number. Rename the monkey image with your friend’s number, taking out the (+) then paste the image to his/her WhatsApp profile picture, and there you go, your friend is now a monkey.

You can also save your chat history


After opening settings in the application, go to chats and then chat backup.

Send a giant heart

This is a better known trick on the list, yet it’s worth mentioning. After typing the heart emoji send the message without including anything else 

No more Blue ticks

After opening settings on the app go to account and then privacy. Uncheck the ‘read receipts’. However, this trick has a drawback which is that you won’t be able to see if people have read your messages either.   

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Tricking the Blue tick

Once you have received a message, go to the phones settings and change the configuration to ‘airplane mode’. Now when you open the message the sender won’t see the blue ticks until you open WhatsApp again.

You can also transfer videos between your phone and computer

Create a group, add a friend and then delete them. Next, open WhatsApp Web and login by scanning the QR code. Send the media you want to transfer to your computer through the WhatsApp group. Open the chat on the computer and the media is available there.

Change your Whatsapp wallpaper

This one is rather simple. To change the wallpaper, go to settings, chats and wallpaper and change it to an image of your choice.

Customize your notifications rings for different chats

Go on the chat you want to set a ringtone for. Tap on the name and enable the ‘custom notifications’ option. Finally choose a ringtone of your choice.

See someone’s ‘last seen’ while hiding yours

Send a message to the person of your choice and then delete the person from your contact list.

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